Just a week to go

Hey guys! TODAY starts finals week!!! Wow I cannot believe how quickly this spring semester has gone by. I know there are lots of people nervous for their finals, and my hope is that you all do wonderful. Right around this time of year we get all the really funny memes that I thought some of you would also get a kick out of them. I will attach some to the end of this blog post. Anyways, we have 1 week until commencement happens for all of the graduating students. I am so lucky to be able to join the spring commencement even though I do not technically finish until the fall. After 5 years of school with one more semester to go, I can say that I am ready to be done studying. Well for a little while that is, I do still have to take the NCLEX after I graduate. However, I hope everyone has successful finals and I might see some of you at graduation next Thursday.





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