How do I get organized?

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So I have been asked by other kids in the nursing program, “how do you get organized”? Well I thought today I would give you a run down of how I like to stay organized. And by organized I mean you need to plan out what you need to do in the week. The way I like to do this is having sticky notes that I write a to do list of stuff I need to finish within the week. As I finish a task I scratch it off the list. So this is a weekly thing I keep updated but I also have a monthly system. I use a monthly planner that I keep in my backpack and it allows me to write down every due date and test date for the semester. Now if I don’t have my backpack I have a monthly wall calendar I like to update with all the same information.

Something I like to do when the semester begins is try and figure out things I can accomplish now so that I don’t have to worry about doing it later. Things like art projects or reading a book for a report are both examples. A great example is in nursing every semester we have some sort of observation we need to do, such as a birthing class for our OB semester. I made sure to sign up for the first date and go because we have to write a little summary about what we learned. Something like this where it is out of school hours and requires a paper of some sort I like to do early that way I don’t scramble for something later in the semester. If I ever have the opportunity to sign up for presentations I always sign up for the first day. I do this because I know I won’t get any better the longer I wait and I rather get it done with so I can focus on other things. Lastly with all this planning you need to fit some time in for you to just relax. I usually give myself a day of mostly relaxing so that I can calm down from the hectic week I had. I hope these tips helped!

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  1. Your tips definitely helped. I also have a monthly planner that helps me stay organized and remember assignments due dates!

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