It is over

Hey guys! Fall 2015 semester is now finished, with today being the last day of finals I can say for all fellow students what a relief it is. If you had a final today then you are now free and can go home for the holiday season. There is nothing better than family during the holidays. Now going back to my previous post from last week I want to know if anyone ended sending a christmas card to the little girl? I have already been home for a few hours and I am very happy to be back in Southern California, and to have a week off prior to my study abroad winter session in Ecuador. I will be leaving for Ecuador on the 28th of December which means there won’t be any promises that I will get around to posting any blogs. Hopefully I can post at least one with an update about my studies and what Ecuador is like. Other than that I hope you all had a good finals week and will be home with your family for the holidays!

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